Radio Advertising Drives Search Results Increase

Dedicated to using multiple advertising platforms to drive results for clients, OptiAdvertising, is an industry leader on the use of radio. OptiAdvertising, stands out as the largest direct source of unsold radio time in the country and represents a number of top radio advertisers. According to new research from Media Monitors and the Radio Advertising Bureau, radio advertising leads to an average increase of 29 percent in search results. The research analyzed the effects of 2,100 local advertising messages in six categories, including automotive, insurance, retail jewelry, and wireless communications. The jewelry advertiser experienced a 370 percent increase in Google searches, the greatest among the six, while a nationwide automaker returned the lowest increase at 7 percent. The most search increases occurred for those advertisers whose spots ran during the morning drive, midday, or during the afternoon drive. Weekday times appeared to be the most effective. According to the research team, radio messages proved most influential in driving search activity when they included price deals or other offers, descriptions of new products or features, and targeting of particular audience populations. Specifying a physical business location also was effective, though mentioning a Web address proved less so.

The Start of the Rebrand.

For years, OptiAdvertising lived its life as OptiConversion, a direct response oriented agency that is laser focused on providing the medical, financial, and legal industries a pipeline of new clients. 

After years of growth and development, the partners of the firm made the decision to separate into two agencies. OptiConversion still lives on as one of the largest and most trusted agency names in the behavioral health and substance abuse field. OptiAdvertising now breathes life, and is aggressively committed to the success of its partners above all else. 

OptiAdvertising's new banner, new home, and laser focus, is to help all businesses who seek growth, refinement, and success. Our industry leading techniques provide lean solutions to your business growth. When partnering with Opti, you will have someone fighting along side you, with the common goal of defined success. 

OptiAdvertising is currently the proud global agency of record for amazing clients. Today is the day you can ask us, "What can OptiAdvertising do for me?"